About Ryerson Dragon Boat

  • The Ryerson Dragon Boat Club has always kept a standard of excellence, and is always forward thinking. To be honest, I'm really excited to see what's coming up for us in the coming years! - Hiep Ho, 3rd year Business Technology Management
  • Ryerson Dragon Boat is amazing. Always fun times with people that are exciting to be around and always new things to do. - Kim Angelo Santos, Operations Supervisor

From a Group of 20…

To 3 Squads with over 80 Paddlers!

Are you ready to Challenge yourself?

Why Ryerson Dragon Boat?

Courtesy of Ed Nguyen Photography (https://www.facebook.com/ednguyenphotography), Xiang Ni Photography.

We’re an amazing group of people to be with and you want to get to know us better. The team consists of people who want to have fun, meet new people, and form lasting friendships.

Our coaching staff consists of people who used to paddle for Ryerson Dragon Boat, so they are very experienced and knowledgeable. They have been through the training and fun the club had to offer, and loved it so much they came back.

Now, obviously other than paddling, here is a list of reasons why you should choose Ryerson Dragon Boat:

  • Gets you in shape
  • Practices are lenient during the school year (academics come first)
  • Student run; the club does not make any profit
  • We host many different¬†events throughout the year
    • We have done ski/snowboarding trips, cottage trips, beach days, club nights, board game nights, team dinners, team parties, and many others.
  • We do more than just paddle:
    • We travel. We have been to Montreal, Vancouver, and in October, we will be at Disneyland in Orlando, Florida!
    • We have stand up paddle boards and kayaks available for recreational use
  • Host group workouts:
    • If you don’t want to work out alone or need some other people to keep you on track with your gym schedule, these are perfect

What are we looking for?

Here is a brief list of criteria that we see in our paddlers, which we believe would contribute to our experience at Ryerson Dragon Boat:

  • Determined Individuals
  • Hard-working Athletes
  • People with a winner mentality
  • Someone that understands how to work in a team and be respectful
  • Someone looking to grow as a paddler while having fun!

Let’s be honest, we’re looking for forward thinking individuals that are mindful of the team, and respect the work that our dedicated staff has put in to provide them an immersive experience.

The challenge begins when you join us, and you go through the various phases of athletic development that have helped us produce some of the best athletes within the Dragon Boat community. The fun part is when you go out in the regattas and show everybody what makes Ryerson the best.

Not only are we determined to help you develop your skills as a Paddler, but the Ryerson Dragon Boat Club helps develops both your professional and personal skills, giving you the opportunities to gain knowledge and apply what you have learned in school.

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